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16 Rajab 1440     23 March 2019

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Overview of the Committees’ General Secretariat





Fostering individuals' and economic entities' awareness of insurance.



It is to contribute to raising the society's awareness of insurance, which can result in decreasing insurance disputes. Through this mission, we seek to improve the Secretariat General's workforce and provide consultations and services effectively in order to fulfill the Secretariat General's functions needed by the society.



• Following the adopted procedures and work rules.

• Registering, arranging and numbering cases; conducting control activities; managing correspondences and reports; and setting dates.

• Coordinating legal and insurance principles issued by the Primary Committees and Appeal Committee.

• Providing administrative and legal support for the Primary Committees and Appeal Committee.

• Conducting administrative work, supportive research and studies and providing consultations.

• Classifying decisions issued by the Committees to be communicated.

• Proposing conciliation procedures that must be approved by the Minister.

• Preparing annual statistics on the activities, decisions and litigation duration of the Committees.

• Improving the competence and professionalism of employees.

• Improving work procedures and quality.

• Developing services provided to clients.


About us:

 The introduction of the insurance sector into the economy and Saudi society in particular has been a major turning point; such sector, with all its technical elements that distinguish it from other sectors, has become a modern key pillar in the economy. Minister of Finance's Resolution No. (1/9288), dated 22/09/1426H, laid the basis for the establishment of the Secretariat General of Committees for Resolution of Insurance Disputes and Violations. The Committees act as a comprehensive body that deals with disputes and violations submitted by the Secretariat General. The Working Rules of the Committees issued by Council of Minister's Resolution No. (190), dated (09/05/1435H), stipulate the Secretariat General's functions which include undertaking all administrative work related to the Committees; conducting research and studies; providing consultations; and finalizing administrative procedures prior to presenting cases and disputes before the Committees. Such procedures include registering, arranging and numbering cases; communicating hearing dates; and conducting control activities and correspondences between case parties. The Secretariat General's role expands to include proposing conciliation procedures to case parties that may bring about amicable settlement. It also involves classifying and delivering decisions issued by the Committees; producing annual statistics on Committees' decisions and litigation duration; and any action that falls within its purview as determined by the Ministerial Resolution. 


All objectives and strategic plans are built on the Secretariat General's key role of regulating the work of Committees. To that end, methods through which the Secretariat General undertakes its main and sub functions are being developed in a way that ensures the highest level of professionalism, which will positively reflect on the insurance market.